28 Girls Cram into a Mini

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The girls who held the previous record for the most people in a Mini have set it again... twice in the same day.

How many people can you fit inside a Mini? 28, as it turns out. That's what a team of girls - members of the same gym - found out today in London, earning themselves a Guinnesss World Record for squeezing themselves into a 2012 Mini Cooper SD on the shores of the Thames River in London. To beat the previous record (which they themselves set at 27 last year), the ladies contorted their bodies to fit themselves into the footwells, atop the dashboard and even in the trunk.

Apparently that wasn't enough for the record-setting team, though. After achieving the record as part of the eighth annual Guinness World Records day - which marks the record book's achievement as the best-selling copyright book in the world - the girls got out of the car (hard to drive it with 28 people inside, after all) and headed off to the ITV studio. There 23 of them crammed into a vintage Mini, breaking that record, too. Which only makes us wonder if there's a record for how many records can be set in a single day.

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