$3.5 Million Ferrari Enzo Wrecked In Massive Crash

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It's most likely beyond repair.

First seen in 2002, the Ferrari Enzo was a revolutionary hypercar. With F1-inspired technology, the V12-powered superstar had features that are now commonplace in modern exotica. Named after the founder of the company, this legendary Prancing Horse was a must-have for collectors all across the world and has cult status today.

That's why it's so tragic when the gearhead community has to say goodbye to such a rare and special automobile. Over the years, a number of Enzo's have been lost to accidents, but that doesn't make the latest one any easier.

This particular Enzo was one of just three in The Netherlands. Most likely, this particular V12 Ferrari was taken out on a test drive (a green license plate signifies a dealer in Holland). The F50 successor slammed into a tree, ripping the right-side wheels clean off the Pininfarina-designed bodywork.

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The Enzo also sustained front-end damage, with the passenger side looking particularly mangled and missing a headlight. While there aren't any images of the interior, the driver's airbag has been deployed, meaning it must have been quite a considerable shunt.

The Enzo can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds and s capable of a top speed of 218 mph. This is still quicker than most modern-day Ferrari's, including the fear-inducing 812 Superfast.

With just 400 examples made, they're still highly sought after, commanding prices upwards of $4 million.

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The Enzo's status as the halo Ferrari still goes unrivaled and, while the more contemporary LaFerrari is technically a better car, it has not yet managed to attain the legendary status of its predecessor.

Most times, when valuable cars such as this Enzo are damaged, they are expertly repaired before returning to the asphalt. However, based on the crash, it's difficult to determine whether this particular Enzo can be restored back to its former glory. If the answer is no, the world has lost yet another example of Maranello's finest.

Hat tip to Pieter for sharing this sad news.

european_carshots european_carshots european_carshots noordhollandsdagblad.nl

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