$3.75 Million Worth Of Jaguar Land Rover Engines Were Stolen In Minutes


How the hell does security screw up this badly?!

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) dealerships may see a delay in deliveries of vehicles as the Birmingham Mail reports that thieves stole £3 million worth of engines ($3.75 million) from the automakers Solihull, UK, plant. The plant produces the Range Rover Sport, Land Rover Discovery, Jaguar XE and Jaguar F-Pace. The audacious heist occurred in two parts, with the first run happening the night of January 31st. The thieves accessed the plant in a stolen truck which they hooked up to a trailer filled with engines.


The whole operation lasted only six minutes. A few hours later the thieves returned and stole another trailer full of engines. Each time they drove right through a gate manned by security guards and in full view of security cameras. Police have since found the trailers, which were of course empty. According to the Birmingham Mail, JLR is offering a "substantial reward" for those with information that helps solve the case. Management at the facility is said to be "stunned," a reaction that surprises us just a bit. This case seems like a total inside job-either that or a complete and utter failure of competence by the company's security staff. Plant management and those in the C-suite at JLR to be furious, incredibly pissed off and then stunned.

Hopefully for the automaker's sake the stolen engines were not all destined for the Jaguar F-Pace, the company's hottest seller in 2016. It sold over 10,000 units in a little over seven months on sale in the US.

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