3 Godly GT-R Quarter Miles

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Godzilla has been known to run sub 9 second quarter miles.

You can't truly understand the speed of the Nissan GT-R until you watch or drive one in a quarter mile run. Both stock and tuned Godzillas are capable of impressing through the quarter. (Tuned GT-Rs are more fun to watch run.) These following clips feature some of the fastest quarter miles ever run by any Godzilla, with a few tuned versions even posting times under 9 seconds. Continue ahead if you want to see Nissan's supercar killer absolutely own the track.

Chicago-based AMS has built a beastly GT-R capable of doing a quarter mile in 8.975 seconds. The Alpha 12 GT-R has 1,500hp and a top speed close to 230 mph. In case you were wondering, the action starts around the 1:00 mark. Don't blink.

Sure, the other GT-Rs on this list are running quarter miles in less than 9 and 10 seconds, but they are a long way from stock. The 2013 GT-R in this clip is running 10-second quarter miles with absolutely no mods whatsoever. You've got to love that launch control.

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The good folks over at Drag Times Info love the running quarter miles in the GT-R Switzer P800. The times they post aren't too impressive, but there's nothing like watching Godzilla run the quarter over and over.

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