$3 Million Bugatti Chiron Set On Fire In Miami

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The hypercar wasn't totally destroyed but the repair bill will be enormous.

When someone says that the Bugatti Chiron brings the heat, it's typically in relation to the hypercar's sensational performance and isn't intended to be taken literally. Sadly, this red and black Chiron got hot for all the wrong reasons after it was badly damaged in a fire while parked in a garage in Miami. According to supercar.fails on Instagram, this particular Chiron is owned by Dominican recording artist El Alfa. While this fact remains unverified, El Alfa's own Instagram account does feature numerous pictures of him alongside a red and black Chiron.

GAMES BOND/YouTube GAMES BOND/YouTube supercar.fails/Instagram

As the video above makes abundantly clear, the fire damaged the Bugatti's hood, driver's side door, wheel, fender, and window. Being a Chiron, this is more than mere paint damage and includes carbon fiber bits that will likely be jaw-droppingly expensive to replace. To add salt to the wound, supercar.fails indicates that the car was set on fire purposely, presumably by someone that had serious beef with the artist - should it turn out that this is indeed his car. Considering the Chiron's price of just under $3 million, even minor repairs will likely cost as much as a normal car and the damage here is quite extensive.

elalfaeljefe/Instagram elalfaeljefe/Instagram

Consider that for the older Veyron, replacement parts were shockingly expensive; a new fuel tank costs $20,000 excluding labor and an intake manifold goes for around $10,000.

Parked alongside the Chiron in the same garage is a Ferrari, which appears to have been spared from the flames. Although there aren't many Chirons on the road, there have been quite a few incidents involving the hypercar. Last year, a Chiron was involved in a multi-car crash in the Swiss Alps that included a Porsche 911 Cabriolet and a Mercedes-Benz C-Class wagon. But something about the sight of this burned Chiron stings even more.

2016-2019 Bugatti Chiron Coupe Front View Driving Bugatti 2016-2019 Bugatti Chiron Coupe Rear Angle View Bugatti
2016-2019 Bugatti Chiron Coupe Front View Driving
2016-2019 Bugatti Chiron Coupe Rear Angle View

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