$3 Million Ferrari FXX Crashes At Monza In Italy

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But can it be repaired?

Earlier this month, a Ferrari event at the legendary Monza racetrack in Italy was the venue for an unfortunate accident when an gorgeous Ferrari FXX was involved in a spectacular crash. Although there is no video footage of the incident as of yet, the photographs of the aftermath pretty much tell the whole story. Based upon reports regarding the incident, it would appear as if the black and orange FXX slid off the track across a patch of grass and hit a crash barrier.

Although it's incredibly unfortunate to see such an awesome vehicle involved in a wreck like this, it seems the damage done to the race car is expensive but repairable. The carbon fiber front bumper and sideskirts will most certainly need to be completely replaced. However, it looks as if the mechanics of the 6.3-liter V12 powered Ferrari are fully intact.

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