3 Reasons Why GM Might Be Regretting That It Killed Pontiac

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What could have been but never will be.

To be clear, we have no inside knowledge from GM regarding this subject. We miss Pontiac just as much as its longtime and loyal fans do. Every now and then we’ve asked ourselves what might have been if Pontiac were still around today; what kind of cars would it be making? Surely not rebadged Chevys with extra plastic body cladding. No, we think Pontiac could have served as an excellent niche performance brand for GM. Off the top of our heads (and feel free to add to this list), here are three reasons why GM could be regretting it shut down Pontiac.

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1. Where to place niche models such as the Chevrolet SS (ironically, first sold in the US as the Pontiac G8)? Sales of this big rear-wheel-drive sedan haven’t been so hot, despite already being sold in limited numbers. Basically, Chevy hasn’t seemed so sure on how to properly market it, and we know there is a market for large, V8-powered sedans. Just look at the Charger SRT8 and Charger Hellcat.

2. What about that small, RWD coupe/roadster that could serve as a Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S, and even a Mazda MX-5 fighter? GM was once considering it, as the Chevy Code 130R Concept from 2012 was proof. But that’s not happening now. It wouldn’t have been a good business case for a mainstream brand like Chevy, but a niche brand like Pontiac...

3. Many people at GM as well as lots of Buick fans want it to happen but, again, it’s a tough business case to make. The arrival of a new Grand National or GNX has been rumored for some time, but Buick’s modern day image of "affordable luxury" doesn’t mesh too well with high performance. It’s not like the Regal GS has been selling like hot cakes. Could a better high-performance coupe such as this have been a second reborn GTO or even a Firebird?