3 Reasons Why That "Furious 7" Lykan Hypersport Double-Skyscraper Jump Is Possible


Extremely stiff shocks would also help.

We don't want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn't seen "Furious 7" yet, so considered yourselves warned for any potential spoilers here. Like all the previous films, the stunts in this movie are pretty far-fetched. However, Vulture was curious about the physics of that Lykan Hypersport double-skyscraper jump, so it reached out to Professor Lee Loveridge, a professor of physics at Pierce College in California to see if any of this is possible.

Say the car weighs about 3,400 lbs. with two occupants and the jump itself is about 150 feet from building to building, here are three physics conclusions: 1. If the fall is at least two stories, or about 20 feet, and the expected in real life landing angle is about 18 degrees, which is much closer to the 12-degree angle shown in the film, the jump could be within the expected errors of such a calculation. 2. Falling two stories takes roughly 1.1 seconds, and to cover the 150 feet between the two buildings in that time requires the car to travel at about 100 mph. The Lykan Hypersport is easily capable of that speed and fast enough acceleration.

3. But is it even possible for the car to accelerate to 100 mph inside a building? Is that building wide enough? Possibly. If the fall was two stories, then a width of 750 feet is required to get to that speed. The building isn't that wide. However, if that fall was more like four stories, then 275 feet, at constant power, would be required. What's more, Dom and Brian weren't starting from a standstill, which certainly helps.

Source Credits: www.vulture.com

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