3 Things The BMW M2 Is All About Because Of Course You Need To Know

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And for $52k it can be yours.

The BMW M2 comes from a fine family history that dates back to 1973, the year the 2002 Turbo launched at Frankfurt. That later evolved into the E21 and E30 3 Series, the latter spawning the iconic E30 M3. While the 3 Series became larger over the years and, very recently, birthed the 4 Series coupe, BMW continued to build its signature car: the compact, fun-to-drive coupe. Previously the 1 Series and its ultimate iteration, the 1 Series M Coupe, it has now become the 2 Series. And just when we fell hard for the M235i, the M2 finally arrived.

Speaking at Geneva with BMW M GmbH's Vice president of Sales and Marketing, Peter Quintus, we were told the M2 was designed to be appealing and affordable to a younger demographic. Quintus described the M2 as "entry-level performance" though buyers can check the box for several upgrades, such as the $1,250 Executive Package. That seven-speed dual-clutch? A $2,900 option. With 40% of M2 volume heading to the US (UK and Germany are number two and three, respectively), Quintus told us three things he believes the M2 is all about: emotions, genes/heritage, and race track capabilities.

Oh, and by the way, the M2 was constantly being surrounded by admirers during the Geneva press days. Could it have been one of the biggest stars of the show aside from the likes of the Bugatti Chiron, Pagani Huayra BC and Koenigsegg Regera? Absolutely, and it can be yours for a damn reasonable base price of $52,695.

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