300,000 Dodge Chargers May Give You A Nasty Surprise If You Slam The Door

Another embarrassment for Chrysler...

Recently there have been some seriously bad airbag mistakes. From Ferrari attaching leather over airbags to numerous manufacturers using dangerous Takata airbags, it seems that automakers just can’t get it right. Dodge is currently recalling 284,153 Chargers in the USA, from year 2010 to 2014, for airbag issues. There are an additional 37,925 Chargers affected outside of the USA, bringing the total to 322,078. This mistake may be one of the most embarrassing yet—if you close the door hard, the side curtain airbag may deploy.

If you are inside the car, this is potentially dangerous and distracting. Other things that could cause the airbags to deploy include kicking the door or even driving over “heavy road inputs.” FCA does not need another recall on its hands and this is a big one. Luckily, the repair can be completed at any dealership and does not take long. Dodge stated it was only aware of three minor injuries due to this, however the claimed numbers are often low due to unreported incidents. So if you have a Charger, next time your get angry take it out on something other than your door as you might get a big surprise.

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