3,000-HP Lamborghini Huracan Obliterates 1/4-Mile World Record

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The times are just astonishing.

TX2K 2021 last month served up loads of exciting racing. If you keep up with the drag racing scene, this event is kinda like the Super Bowl of drag racing for street-based cars. We saw a twin-turbo Viper with 3,000 horsepower and a Supra pop a massive wheelie. As impressive as those two vehicles are, AMS Performance did one better by bringing its 3,000-hp Huracan to play, and it launched its front wheels into the air too, before setting an incredible world record. Meet the Alpha Omega, the quickest Huracan on the planet. Watch from 7:42 to see this astonishing car make some insane passes.

AMS Performance AMS Performance

If you're wondering why this is called the Alpha Omega, you'll need a short history lesson. Way back in 2014, AMS Performance built arguably the world's most extreme Nissan GT-R, a car that set the record for the platform with a 7.7-second quarter-mile pass. This car was called the Alpha Omega too, and its sole purpose was to become the fastest GT-R in the world. Having achieved that goal, the legend associated with that name was great. Now AMS has decided to assert its authority again by building the quickest Huracan ever. With an official time of 7.326 at 195 mph, it's safe to say that AMS deserves to call its Huracan the be-all and end-all of drag racing Huracans.

AMS Performance AMS Performance

What's even more impressive about this run is the 60-foot time. The car achieved an astonishing 1.2-second result here, although the onboard Dragy unit shows slower times. According to the app, the run saw the Huracan cross the line at 1,320 feet after 7.5 seconds flat with an exit speed of 188.89 mph and a 60-foot time of 1.33 seconds. 0-60 mph was recorded at 1.59 seconds. Of course, many of AMS Performance's competitors aren't too far behind, so we expect AMS to set the bar even higher soon. But where will it end? How much quicker can these cars get? Honestly, we're just enjoying watching engines breathe and will until the day they are outlawed.

AMS Performance AMS Performance

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