35 Ferraris Evicted From The Wynn In Las Vegas

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And they're looking for a home.

If we had a crazy lucky night in the casino at the Wynn in Las Vegas, you'd probably find us at the in-house Penske Wynn Ferrari showroom buying a brand new supercar with our winnings. The world famous Ferrari dealership takes up a massive 10,000 square foot space in the Wynn and houses at least 35 Ferraris and other exotic cars. Guests can even pay $10 to tour the dealership and ogle at the high-end vehicles on display. However, according to our sources, Penske Wynn Ferrari has been ordered to close down before the end of the year.

Casino mogul Steve Wynn is reportedly frustrated with the performance of the showroom and believes that greater profit can be made by renting the space to a different tenant. There is no confirmation yet on what will replace the showroom, but word is that Penske is relocating to a different Vegas location at Towbin Motorcars.

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