Limited Edition

350-KG Carice Mk1 is a Porsche Wannabe EV with 50 HP

Variant for 16-year-old drivers comes with just five horsepower.

Following in the footsteps of Spyker, Vencer and other specialist Dutch marques, unknown carmaker Carice Cars has introduced its maiden creation – the limited edition Carice Mk1 electric car. Drawing inspiration from the Porsche 356, the small EV has a body entirely made of plastic. Including the battery pack, it weighs just 350 kg and is available with two states of tune – 20 hp and a whopping 54 hp. A Junior version aimed at 16-year-old drivers comes with just over 5 horses.

The Mk1 features a “backbone chassis” made up of a single thick bar running the length of the car housing the battery and affording the roadster a perfect 50:50 weight distribution. A tonneau cover keeps the car dry as the little EV comes without a roof. Carice Cars plans to build just ten units, each priced at 26,620 Euros. Orders will be taken from June 21 with a range-extending gasoline engine also on offer along with a hydrogen-powered variant.

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