4 Auto Ads Outlawed in the UK

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The UK is surprisingly conservative when it comes to what car makers can and can't do in commercials.

Many people complain American commercials are too tame after watching a few ads from abroad. However, you'll probably be singing the praises of the FCC after you check out these auto ads that were outlawed in the UK. The UK is ridiculously strict when it comes to commercials, banning ads for encouraging "reckless" driving and for inspiring children to unsafely reach for cookie jars. Continue below to check out the ridiculousness of our cousins from across the pond.

This ad was banned either for its liberal use of bollocks (look it up), or for the "dangerous" behavior it promoted in children: the little girl could've hurt herself reaching for the cookie jar. Seriously. It's wise to believe the former as the latter sounds incredibly lame.

If you believe the UK, then this Toyota ad is dangerous as it could potentially encourage motorists to drive irresponsibly. It took a grand total of two complaints to get this ad pulled. Way to go, UK.

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General Motors tried to pull a fast one with this Vauxhall Ampera (Volt) ad. The spot was banned for suggesting the hybrid gets a cool 360 miles on a single charge. Pretty sneaky, sis.

Volkswagen's ingenious "Fight" commercial for the Golf was deemed too violent to be viewed before 9 p.m. Apparently British viewers aren't ready to see awesome car commercials before bedtime.

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