4 Aventadors Take on NYC

These Quadventadors hit the road together in New York to display just how awesome they truly are.

Residents of the world's big and rich cities are used to seeing plenty of high-priced supercars roam their streets. But it’s not every day that one sees a group of four Lamborghini Aventadors cruising together in a colorful blaze of V12 glory. Called the "Quadventadors" (get it?), these Lambos began their scenic city drive by meeting up in Queens and continued their mighty bull run on the highways. Try to imagine for a sec your reaction to these cars on the road passing you all at once.

As their journey continued, the Quadventadors even made a stop at a castle and a Burger King drive-thru. But still, it’s rare to see a Lamborghini Aventador, let alone four at any one place else outside Sant’Agata.

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