4 Awesome Mercedes Drift Videos

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Benzes aren't exactly designed to drift, but that doesn't mean they can't sit sideways with the best of them.

Most people don't think of Mercedes-Benz as a company that builds solid drift cars. Indeed, the Silver Arrow has built its name on creating luxury sedans and coupes as well as the occasional supercar. That being said, don't count out Mercedes when it comes to drifting. These videos prove that even the biggest of Benzes can be thrown around the track - in house tuning division AMG is always cooking something up. If you've ever dreamed of throwing a C63 around the track, then you'll want to check out these videos.

Mercedes AMG celebrated its two millionth YouTube view by drifting a C63 AMG Coupe around the Laguna Seca Corkscrew. The original video released was a little too edited, but Mercedes AMG quickly rectified its mistake, releasing this video containing unedited aerial footage.

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This is the original video that Mercedes AMG shot to celebrate 2 million views. If you prefer quick cuts and views of smoking tires, then this is for you.

Mauro Carlo set a world record for the longest continual drift when he slid a C63 AMG with a Performance Pack around an oval for 7,572 feet. Burning rubber for over a mile and a half is an accomplishment in any car.

You may find yourself booking a spot in the Mercedes AMG Winter Driving Academy after watching this video. There aren't many things more fun to do than throw a big Benz around a snowy track.

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