4 Awesome Parking Fails

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These people prove that pulling in and parallel parking is harder than it looks.

Most parking failures end in frustration and the search for a new spot, but some go way beyond that. These awesome parking fails show what happens when somebody with an extraordinary lack of skill gets behind the wheel of a vehicle and attempts to park. To be fair, some of these folks might have been suffering from a medical emergency at the time of their accidents, but it's funnier (and less cruel) to just think of them as terrible drivers. And come to think of it, better let it be them than one of us.

This first video shows what happens when cars illegally park in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius. A driver can't really be faulted for getting his car crushed by an APC, but it still qualifies as a parking fail nonetheless.

This poor lady is attempting to parallel park into a cavernous spot. Her attempt is pure hilarity, as is her final park job. There were at least five fatal driving errors during her attempt.

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This driver mistakenly accelerates when pulling into a spot, instantly destroying an entire convenience store. Not knowing the difference between your gas and brake pedals can spell instant doom for you and every store around you.

Apparently the car doesn't park the driver in Soviet Russia. This video is painful to watch, but it's also ridiculously funny. How much space do people really need to park?

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