4 Car vs. Motorcycle Drift Battles

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These videos prove that bikers and drivers can slip and slide on the same track.

Drifting is a sport of (automotive) segregation. Cars are kept with cars, and motorcycles are kept with motorcycles. Rarely do these two machines ever drift around the same track at the same time. When a drift bike and a drift car do share time on the tarmac the result is a thing of beauty, not to mention entertaining for all of us. Finding videos of said beauty is tough, but fortunately for drift fans, a few of the most awesome car vs. motorcycle drift battles ever recorded can be seen ahead.

If you prefer your drift vehicles to have four wheels, then you might want to skip this video. Those who like to see bikers drift/do other cool tricks are going to want to put this one on repeat.

An RX-7 with a Corvette engine and a Kawasaki ZX10 go head-to-head in this video from Icon Motorsports. Watching these two vehicles duke it out in the imaginatively named "Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle" is almost as good as it gets.

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Gymkhana is just more fun to watch when both a motorcycle and a car are in on the action. Watching a Nissan slide around cones is just more awesome when a bike is hot on its tail.

"Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle" is undeniably awesome. Still, it's no match for the greatness that is "Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle 2." This video doubles the amount of bikes and swaps the RX-7 for a modified Mustang "police car."

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