4 Creatively Camouflaged Cars

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These war-ready autos are designed to stand out by blending in.

Most automakers use camouflage to disguise the look of their latest rides. However, some use camouflage as a way to show support for soldiers, for fashion purposes and to blend in with the elements. The creatively camouflaged cars featured here all sport unique shades of camo applied for the aforementioned reasons. These cars are slightly more awesome than a 4WD truck covered in a woodland vinyl wrap, so don't knock them before you've seen them. When's the last time you saw a 911 in desert camo? Exactly.

This Desert Storm 911 was created by Florida Porsche dealership Champion Porsche to honor soldiers coming home from service. Florida's ESGR (Employment Support of the Guard and Reserve) commissioned the project. While this Porsche may not be able to effectively hide from a tank, it does look damn good in desert camo.

Yes, this colorful camouflage car looks atrocious. That being said, it looks atrocious for a good cause. The 2010 Camaro convertible was customized by West Coast Customs to raise money for Operation Mend, a charity which helps soldiers returning from war with their medical expenses. The camo Camaro made a bunch of money for the charity and then some when it was auctioned at Mecum's for $333,000.

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Chances are you've seen Swedish skier Jon Olsson's snow camo Lamborghini 100 times. (Consider this the 101st time.) For those who are unfamiliar with this ride, Olsson had it customized specifically to suit his skiing needs. The camouflage paint job helps him avoid snowboarders and other ruffians, and the ski box can safely withstand speeds of up to 159 mph.

Enemy to Fashion created this custom Chevy Spark for SEMA 2012. The fashion label covered the hot hatch in camouflage, describing it as "post-apocalyptic Cannonball Run" by Weapon Collective Creative Director Caleb Clark. The Spark also sports military-grade technical fabrics in the interior and roof-mounted speakers.

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