4 Cringe-Worthy BMW Parking Fails


Parking the ultimate driving machine is harder than it looks.

For some strange reason, people seem to find parking BMWs ridiculously difficult. Squeezing a car that's too big into a spot that's too small is something everyone will have to deal with at some point in their lives. However, the people in these videos take things up a notch. The driver here wreck in spectacular fashion, often taking out additional cars in the process. Should you enjoy watching BMW drivers fail epically, then you'll definitely want to check these clips out.

You've got to feel bad for the guy in this video. Not only did he have to chase after his BMW, but the whole process was filmed. Thank you, YouTube.

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It's easy not to feel bad for the guy in this video. Let this be a lesson to all M6 owners out there: Don't show off when trying to park. Ever.

This is easily one of the biggest parking fails ever captured on video. It takes a special person to incessantly ram an X5 into a lot full of cars.

Once again, a BMW driver makes the fatal mistake of leaving their car in gear while they aren't inside of it. This doesn't end as badly as the first video, but it's still pretty funny.