4 Design Themes Reveal Array Of Cadillac Celestiq Personalization Options

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The brand has designed four themes, all sporting their own distinct flavor.

Revealed just last week, the Cadillac Celestiq is already causing a stir in the ultra-luxury segment. It's going to be a very exclusive, tech-laden motorcar, with limited examples made for the most discerning customers. The configurator may not be live, but the Cadillac website has showcased several design inspirations, giving us an idea of what will be available.

Seen below is the "Magnetic" palette, which the brand describes as "an ode to infinity inspired by the mystery of the cosmos." With a galactic theme, designers have worked to give the "Magnetic" Celestiq a rich, deep, and mysterious look. Caspia paintwork has been paired with Acier Metal Trim to give the graceful Caddy a clean, uncluttered look.

The cabin pairs a variety of fabrics and textures, with liberal use of chromatic blue and black shades. These colors are uplifted by bright metallic highlights and elegant details such as the Jade Stainless Steel speakers. Haumea carbon fiber, Santorini leather, and textured materials all play a part in making the interior a very special place.

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Next up is the "Aurora" design theme that Cadillac describes as "a look into the new millennium that channels the motion of sport." The designer responsible for this racy theme has selected Vermillion exterior paint and paired it with Acier Metal trim. It's far more extroverted than the rest of the designs, and will certainly appeal to those who want to flaunt their financial success.

Inside, it's an admittedly classy affair. The Bahia Orange and Phantom Blue make for an exquisite pairing, and look wonderful when teamed with the myriad trim pieces. The speakers have been finished in Acier Stainless Steel, which pops thanks to the citric hide. The luscious Uranus Newspaper Decor High Gloss trim is superb; the innovative design is not only luxurious but adds an element of modernity to the cabin.

But if you don't want an athletic-looking luxury sedan, the electric Celestiq has been previewed in two additional design themes that are far more traditional.

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"Vale" (seen below) will certainly appeal to traditionalists, with its calming exterior and interior colorways. The striking Celestiq looks sophisticated when painted in Fitz Grey. Like the "Magnetic" and "Aurora" design themes, this laid-back variant also utilizes Acier Metal trim. One notable difference is the darkened 23-inch wheels.

The all-American brand sees this design as "ultra-luxury minimalism [that] reimagines movement as a state of rejuvenation." This is clear to see in the interior, where light, calming colors and materials have been applied. The Camelia and Sheer Gray leather works beautifully with the Saturn Pore Open Wood, which itself boasts beautiful metalwork. Here, the speaker grilles have also been finished in Acier Stainless Steel.

Lastly, we have the "Mist" design, a Celestiq that provides an "avant-garde view of traditions driven by visionary possibilities." The fourth model approaches luxury from a more modern direction and provides a fresh take on high-class motoring with quality materials and rich hues.

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The exterior of the "Mist" looks resplendent in Siku Tricoat Metallic and has been paired with a more subdued Jade Metal Trim. Like the "Vale" design, the large wheels have been treated to a dark finish. Inside, Cinnamon leather provides the Celestiq cabin with a sophisticated, clubby ambiance. The rich hue has been paired with Sheer Gray leather, which uplifts the complementary brown hide.

The chic cockpit also receives Venus Wood High Gloss, which is rather unique - not many automakers offer white-colored wood trim. The Jade metal trim theme continues inside, where the speakers have been finished with Jade Stainless Steel. Initially, when the trademark for these names was discovered, it appeared as if the Celestiq would have four trim levels.

However, it seems the brand is heading in the same direction as Bentley, which also creates design themes (Cool Stone and Center Stage, for example) for its various products. Cadillac says the Celestiq will be an exclusive motorcar with no two examples alike. We've just seen a taste of what's on offer and look forward to playing with the configurator.

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