4 Epic Car Wash Fails

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Washing a car isn't the hardest of things to do...right?

It can safely be said that washing a car is a fairly easy and leisurely activity. Sitting in your car while a machine washes it is one of the easiest things to do. Heck, even washing your car using a hose isn't the hardest thing to do. That being said, these videos prove that even the easiest of activities can be virtually impossible for some to perform. Continue below if you want to see a Chevy's door destroyed by an automatic car wash or two guys beat up by a pressure washer.

Even the doors of a mighty Chevy-the doors that are built like a rock-can be easily destroyed by the moving parts of an automatic car wash. Pro tip: If you hate clowns, don't watch the end of this video.

You'd do well to look upon all "free" car washes as scams after you watch this clip from Just for Laughs. This whole clip is pretty funny, but the guy in the Jeep who beats feet to leave the all-male review/car wash is the best part.

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It takes a special type of person to leave their trunk open inside of a car wash. Hopefully the trunks of Mercedes' vehicles are built to be waterproof.

This is the most epic car wash fail ever captured on camera. No other car wash-related clip is more ridiculous than this one. Who knew that a house from a self-service car wash was capable of beating up two grown men?

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