4 Ferrari Testarossas Are Being Sold Together For Only $145,000 But There's A Catch

And it may not be a bad one.

It was one of the greatest supercars of the 1980s, perhaps of all time. The Ferrari Testarossa is an icon many of us desire to drive/posses, and for a price of $145,000 you can own four. Seriously. Someone on eBay right now has posted a bundle of four Testarossas for sale, but they’re not for sale individually. Not a bad price, right? Well, there’s kind of a catch. All of them require different degrees of work. All are rollers and none have been started recently.

In fact, they’ve just been sitting for months and even years. Two are 1988 models while the other two are ‘91s. None of them have salvage titles but they all have correct serial numbers. Basically, all four Testarossas need major work but if anyone knows what they’re doing this could be quite an interesting opportunity. Then again, high restoration expenses are an absolute certainty. Photos courtesy of johnscotticlassiccar/eBay.

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