4 Grand GT-R Crashes

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Godzillas are rarely captured on video crashing, but that doesn't mean they don't wreck.

The Nissan GT-R loves the camera, but it doesn't love crashing while being filmed. That being said, there are a few videos that feature Nissan's supercar killer crashing. The videos here show Godzillas doing things that Godzillas don't normally do, including going for a swim and catching some air. These videos are sure to trigger pain in GT-R fanboys and fangirls, so watch them at your own risk. On the other hand, watching someone else crash any powerful car is always entertaining to see.

This crash occurred on the fast and furious streets of Moscow. This GT-R completely smashes into several parked cars before driving off-like a boss.

True, you don't actually get to watch the Godzilla in this video crash, but how many times are you going to get to watch a video of a GT-R underwater. The answer to that question: not many.

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You won't find a more organic GT-R crash clip than this one right here. The poor Godzilla in this video went a little too fast for his own good, gaining a little bit of air before crashing off the road. The driver was said to be fine but the car was smashed up.

This unfortunate GT-R-on-GT-R fishtail occurred at the opening night stage of Targa Adelaide 2012. The video is filled with other highlights from the event, but you can skip directly to 55 seconds if you just want to watch GT-Rs crash.

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