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Batman's Gallardo getting a flat and a street race wreck are just two of the fails featured here, but they all occured behind the wheel of Lamborghini's popular ten-cylinder roadster.

A wrecked Lamborghini Gallardo is always a painful sight to see. However, the only thing worse than a wrecked Gallardo is a wrecked Gallardo Spyder. There just something about the removal of the roof that makes a Lambo that much more awesome - and that much harder to see on the back of a tow truck. The fails featured here range from epic (complete destruction) to ridiculous (a Batman impersonator being pulled over). Fans of the Gallardo Spyder may want to mentally prepare themselves before continuing.

This wrecked Gallardo Spyder was rented as part of a "Dream Cars Tour". The combination of a massive rain storm and a (presumably) inexperienced driver led to the car flipping over and landing in the forest near New York's Bear Mountain state park. Hopefully the driver purchased copious amounts of insurance before embarking on the tour. Totaling a $225,000 supercar is an accident few can afford.

Lenny B. Robinson, aka Maryland's Batman, had to have his "Batmobile" towed after it suffered a flat tire. Robinson's supercar suffered the flat on Halloween while he was en route to visit sick kids at a local children's hospital. (Yes, even superheroes get flats.) In addition to suffering a flat tire, Maryland's Batman has also been cited for driving without a license plate. The Dark Knight was unable to affix his license plate to his Gallardo Spyder, resulting in being pulled over by the police for driving without tags. This has to qualify as one of the most awesome traffic stops ever to have occurred in Maryland - or just about anywhere, for that matter.

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The unfortunate reality of situations like these is that possessing the funds to buy a supercar like a Lamborghini doesn't necessarily come bundled with the ability to drive one. This particular crash occurred in Houston, Texas, when two ladies decided to race their supercars on public streets. Needless to say, things didn't work out well for the owner of the yellow Gallardo LP570-4 Spyder Performante. If you listen really closely, you can still hear Freddie Mercury singing "Another One Bites the Dust".

The only thing worse than failing to drift your Gallardo Spyder properly in public is failing to drift your Gallardo Spyder properly in public and then kissing the curb as you drive off in shame. Yes, the driver of this Lambo did just that.

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