4 Luxe Bentley Racing Clips

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Expect to see more Bentley racing clips with the announcement of the Continental GT3.

Bentley is primed to return to the racing world with the 2012 Paris Motor Show reveal of the Continental GT3. The newest Continental is expected to race in the GT3 class, with ALMS and Le Mans possibly in the cards. While you wait to see the Continental GT3 hit the track, check out all of these awesome Bentley racing clips. These drag races and track races will hopefully be enough to hold you over until the new age of Bentley racing begins - whenever that may be.

You don't have to be a serious gearhead to know that a race between a Bentley Continental and a Nissan GT-R is not a far one. That being said, feel free to watch Godzilla absolutely demolish Bentley's luxury coupe in this drag race.

Fans of old-school Bentleys will love this clip. The video quality is a little off, but you can clearly here those old Bentley engines roar.

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A tuned 2008 Porsche 997 takes on a stock 2010 Bentley Supersport in this video. The Bentley gets off the line quicker, but the Porsche quickly catches up.

This clip features a Bentley Turbo R racing around Le Mans. Again, the video quality isn't superb, but you do get a great idea of what it's like to ride shotgun around the track in a Vintage Bentley.


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