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4 Reasons Why The Ferrari 488 GTB Needs To Become The Next GTO

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Few Ferraris are worthy of those three letters. The 488 is one of them.

We admit that we were sad to see the Ferrari 458 Italia go. In our eyes, it's one of the most beautiful Ferraris in recent years, and without question the greatest mid-engined Ferrari since the iconic 288 GTO. Then came its replacement, the 488 GTB. Equally gorgeous and far more powerful than its predecessor, it once again sets the benchmark and also proves twin-turbo tech can hack it in a supercar. That said, we think the eventual high-performance version must have a proper name, and 488 GTO sounds mighty fine to us. Here's 4 reasons why.

1. The 458 was quite a leap forward from its predecessor, the F430, and the 488 GTB is way more than just a 458 heavy facelift. It has 661 hp and 561 lb-ft of torque, while the 458 has 562 hp and 398 lb-ft. 0-62 happens in 3.0 seconds and top speed is in excess of 205 mph. Its redesigned body has a downforce increase of 50% while aerodynamic drag is reduced. We know Ferrari can improve all of that. Those enhancements will deserve an iconic nameplate.

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2. Look at the exterior aero bits that helped turn the 458 Italia into the 458 Speciale. Now picture all of that plus new and more aero and downforce tech added to the 488 GTB. Based on these renderings, a 488 GTO is car porn already.

3. Ferrari recently stated that it plans to downsize its engines even further, from twin-turbo V8s to twin-turbo V6s. It's far too early to know whether the 488's replacement will be a part of that plan. But say if it is. A proper V8 sendoff would be required.

4. Speaking of V8s, the 488 has a mid-engined twin-turbo V8 – just like the 288 GTO.