4 Ridiculous Test Drive Fails

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Not even the Bugatti Veyron is safe from overzealous test drivers.

Drivers are usually on their best behavior when it comes to test drives. The thought of wrecking a car that you don't own is usually all it takes to reign in even the craziest of drivers. However, some people still manage to make boneheaded moves when it comes to test driving a car. Luckily, a few of these folks were filmed while damaging their test rides. While it's uncommon to watch a car reviewer crash on camera, it does happen. Ditto for the unlucky guy who managed to crash his scooter through a gate in less than a minute.

It's tough to decide what the worst part of this clip is. Is it the fact that a Subaru Forester fails at its own off-road challenge? Or is it the fact that a Hyundai Tucson succeeds where a Forester failed? The answer usually lies somewhere in the middle.

The only thing worse than crashing a Ferrari FF on a test drive is crashing a Ferrari FF during a press test drive. CAR Magazine did just that. Fortunately there was little damage beyond the wheel - and the driver's bruised ego.

Crashing a shooting-brake supercar on a press test drive is painful, but is it as painful as running a scooter through a gate during a test ride? The answer is no.

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It takes the driver behind the wheel of this Bugatti Veyron all of 1:27 to both scrape the underside of the car and back into another driver. It's a new record!

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