4 Studly Sumo Car Commercials


These ads prove that you can't go wrong when it comes to using sumo wrestlers to advertise autos.

Sumo wrestlers have slowly but surely become a mainstay in automotive advertising. The giant Japanese athletes are a great way to show just how roomy a car is. They're also a good way to get a cheap laugh, a la Subaru's sumo car wash ad. Even though all sumo ads play off the same thing-sumos are big and funny to cram into cars-that doesn't make these ads any less funny and awesome. It's very, very tough to be mad at a commercial starring sumo wrestlers-even if it is horribly generic.

Good luck figuring out what is going on in this German Kia commercial. You deserve a pat on the back if you can figure out why these sumos are wearing tutus.

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Chevy created this bizarre sumo ad to show just how roomy its Aveo actually is. The chubby baby growing into a chubby adult is a terrible message to send to America's already overweight babies and toddlers.

Mitsubishi Australia used a sumo threesome to show the varying cab sizes for its Canter commercial truck. Sumos are more or less the best way to show the roominess of any type of car, as proved in the Aveo ad.

Subaru once again brought out the sumos to advertise the 2011 Subaru Forester. This time they went lighter on the water, instead focusing on showing scenes of giant Japanese wrestlers eating strawberries and creeping on kissing couples.

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