4 Sublime Lego Lamborghinis

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These Lego models are the closest most gearheads will ever get to owning a Lamborghini.

It's a well-known fact that the best car models are made out of Lego as the Danish toy bricks are ideal for making car models that are both detailed and childlike. As every gearhead knows, the best scale models are the ones of supercars. That in turn means that the best Lego car models are the ones of supercars. Are you following? Continue below to check out a handful of Lamborghinis built using nothing but toy bricks a lot of time, and plenty of love.

A German Lego fanatic known only as Georg is behind this incredible Lamborghini Countach replica. The model is 1:8 scale and was created using the aid of a computer program that mapped out where to put the bricks. The actual assembly process took Georg some two weeks and an unknown amount of bricks.

Dohoon Kim opted for a more up-to-date model when building his Lego Lambo, creating a Murcielago LP670-4 SuperVeloce using only toy bricks. The incredibly detailed replica features working scissor doors and removable engine covers.

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If you're someone who prefers to follow instructions rather than fly solo, then this Lego Lamborghini is for you. This toy brick Lambo can be purchased from Amazon for $192 (most recent price). That may be a lot to some, but can you really place a price on a set of instructions that guide you in the creation of a Gallardo LP 560-4?

Not only does this Diablo Lego model feature working doors, it also features working headlights. While it's not as finely detailed as some of these other models, the whole working headlights and doors earn it a spot on this list.

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