4 Superb Subaru Concepts

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The BRZ is undeniably awesome, but have you ever wondered what else Subaru has up its sleeve?

Subaru very seldom seems to show off a concept car that it doesn't intend to build. This, in addition to other things, is probably why the automaker doesn't make many concept cars. That's a shame, as these cars (and the BRZ) prove that the company can create a killer concept when it really wants to. When they do we know they're serious about a production version and their track record so far proves this. If the BRZ has got you wondering what else Subaru can do, then continue below.

Word is that the BRZ STI pictured here is officially going from concept to reality. Engine details are scarce, but it's believed that the tuned BRZ will have somewhere near 250hp. What is known is that the new BRZ will sport a lowered suspension, an aerodynamic body kit and an upgraded set of brakes. The BRZ STI is expected to hit showrooms sometime in 2013.

The Subaru XV went from being a design study to a full-blown production car in no time flat. The crossover debuted at the 2011 Shanghai Motor Show and was described as a "Protren." A Protren is of course a wombination (word combination) of "professional tool" and "trendy design." The XV will be a four banger with a 2.0-liter boxer engine. Like the BRZ STI, the XV will hit dealer lots sometime in 2013.

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It's safe to say that the B9 Scrambler was a bit before its time. This concept roadster was shown off at the 2003 Tokyo Motor Show where wowed the crowd with its hybrid engine, run-flat tires and a surprising amount of ground clearance. People must not have liked the idea of a roadster that can off-road seeing as how the B9 Scrambler has yet to go from concept to reality.

Subaru practically reinvented the family wagon when it showed off its Advanced Tourer Concept (ATC) at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. The hybrid wagon has aggressive styling, with its front scissor doors and rear suicide doors highlighting its exterior. The interior features leather seats, wood trim and built-in steering wheel display. The ATC, or some variation of it, is expected to go into production sometime in 2013.


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