4 Terrible Teenage Drivers

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Keep the keys far, far away from these kids.

You don't need an insurance company to tell you that teenage boys are terrible drivers. Teenage boys have a desire to go fast and impress everything and anything that moves. Unfortunately, teen drivers are easily distracted and usually lack the skills needed to handle a car at high speeds. The outcome of all of this is can be tragic or hilarious. These videos lean toward the hilarious side. There's no death or major injuries to be found among any of these videos. A garage and several front ends get destroyed but that's it.

Driving your dad's car recklessly isn't the only way to wreck it. You could also run a motorcycle into it as this careless Brit does.

The 19-year-old driver in this video had a lot of explaining to do after he crashed his dad's BMW M3 in the Arizona desert. In case you couldn't tell, this video is a parody of the original version. The whole Man Goat thing should've tipped you off.

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Andrew Miedecke gave his son (who is technically not a teen at 23) two conditions when he let him drive his V8 Ford Capri Perana in the 2012 Targa Wrest Point road rally: he was not to crash the car and he was not to come in second. The younger Miedecke managed to not place second but couldn't quite keep the car intact.

This video provides concrete evidence that teenage boys and Mustangs don't mix. Crashing a muscle car on a street with no traffic is stupid but forgivable. Driving a Mustang through a garage is both stupid and unforgivable.

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