4 Tip-Top Tunnel Drives


These tunnel drives feature everything from crazy bus accidents to F1 cars.

Tunnel drive videos are a mixed bag of sorts. They can be really awesome, such as Red Bull Racing's recently released tunnel drive videos. On the other hand, tunnel videos can be downright frightening, such as the supercut of crash clips shot in a Russian tunnel. The tip-top tunnel drives featured here mostly show the awesome side of the tunnel drive, fast cars and amplified engine sounds. If you're only interested in watching crash clips, then you won't be disappointed by at least one of the videos here.

This is video is the first edit of David Coulthard's run through the Lincoln Tunnel in Red Bull Racing's F1 Showcar. Coulthard reportedly went as fast as 190 mph during the 1.5-mile tunnel run.

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Hopefully this video will make you think twice about driving inside of Russian tunnels. These crashes toe the line between ridiculous and horrific. The swerving bendy bus shown halfway through this video is easily the star of the show.

If you've ever wondered what it'd be like to gun a Gallardo through a tunnel, then you need to watch this video. The clip may be short, but it's worth watching, if only to hear the roar of the Gallardo's twin-turbo engine.

Red Bull Racing released a second edit of its Lincoln Tunnel run. This second edit cuts out all sounds that aren't made by the engine and incorporates multiple camera angles.