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These tuning jobs prove it's possible to make Toyota/Subaru's new sports coupe even more awesome.

Conventional wisdom states that if something aint broke, don't fix it. However, gearheads know that even the best cars can benefit from a new body kit and an engine upgrade. The Toyobarus featured here have all gone under the tuning knife, emerging with more horsepower and more aerodynamic bodies as a result. If you're someone who wishes the BRZ/GT 86/FR-S had just a bit more power and a meaner-looking exterior, then you'll want to continue below. As you'll discover, putting a tuned Supra engine into a GT 86 is an absolute stroke of genius.

The aptly named Australian tuner "Tunehouse" is behind this souped-up BRZ. The tune job is designed to handle better and be more powerful. The tuner swapped the base 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine for a 2.6-liter Cosworth crate engine complete with an HKS GT-grade turbocharger, a front-mounted intercooler and an EcuTek ECU and lightweight billet flywheel; the new engine brings total horsepower to 330. Handling upgrades include a KW Variant 3 coil-over suspension, an alignment kit, a 1.5-way Tunehouse limited-slip-differential and Whiteline anti-roll bars.

Seen here is the Toyota GT 86 in full GT300 regalia. The racing version of the sports coupe features a complete aerodynamic overhaul. The new body kit includes sizable air vents that have been cut into the hood, a low lip kit and gigantic spoiler.

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Speedhunters and KW Automotive added some serious power to the GT 86 driven by Formula D's Fredric Aasbo. Speedhunters dropped in a 2JZ-GTE 3.4-liter inline six from an old Supra with two tuning options: one rated at 640 hp and 592 lb-ft of torque and another that creates 800 hp and 737 lb-ft of torque. KW Automotive did its part, chipping in a drift-ready 3-Way Race Kit suspension system. Fun fact: This beastly drifter was built in less than 40 days.

Vivid Racing turned a stock FR-S into what it calls a "tire shred monster." Its tuned Toyobaru sports a full carbon fiber package in addition to a full header-back exhaust system, short ram intake and lightweight pulley. Sometimes simpler is better.

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