4 Wintery Ken Block Viral Videos

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These videos prove that the Gymkhana master is no slouch when it comes to the snow.

Any fan of rally car driving and drifting knows who Ken Block is. The DC Shoes co-founder has been rally racing since 2005, and his "Gymkhana" series of viral videos have millions of views on YouTube. Block is known primarily for his antics on the dirt and tarmac, but he's also a skilled driver on snowy surfaces. If you can't get enough of Ken Block-and you know you can't-then check out all these videos below to see Mr. Gymkhana himself tear up some fresh powder.

Ken Block recently tore up the Igora Ski Resort in St. Petersburg, Russia, to help promote the Pirelli Winter Attraction. Block spent six days giving over 150 journalists the ride of their lives on a course that ran through the resort. It's tough not to be jealous of these lucky writers.

DC Shoes and Subaru came together a few years back to create the TRAX STI, the ultimate winter vehicle. Watching Ken Block plow down a mountain and drift around snow-covered corners is a must-see for all winter sports lovers.

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The closest most of us will probably ever get to doing 110 mph (safely) on a snowy rally course is by watching this video. Getting an inside look into what Ken Block and his co-driver Alex Gelsomino is awesome, even if portions of the video look like they were shot with a potato.

This video is shot in Varmland, Sweden, and once stars Ken Block and Alex Gelsomino doing their winterized thing. Block and Gelsomino may be the stars of this video, but the real attraction is the sweet purr of their Ford Fiesta RS.

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