4-Year-Old Has The Coolest Nitrous Boost Power Wheels Corvette Ever


Never too soon to become a car guy.

Little Jake is one lucky kid. The four-year-old's dad took a 24-volt C7 Corvette Power Wheels and added a couple of bottles of NOS. That's nitrous oxide. Yes, four-year-old Jake's Corvette has nitrous boost, doubling the power output of the "stock" Power Wheels C7. Our friends at 1320video caught up with the father-son duo at the Texas Invitational Automotive Airfield Exhibition where Jake took his Vette for a test drive. But full props must be given here to his dad, who modified what's essentially a more expensive kids' toy.

OK, so his NOS is just energy drink bottles designed for show, but they added a meter to monitor how much power the toy car is running. Yeah, we're a bit jealous we didn't have something like this during our childhoods. As for young Jake, well, he's a car guy already.

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