40 Reasons Why Furious 7 Was Flawed (But Still Ridiculously Awesome)


This movie has so many mistakes it's almost comical.

Unless you are a bit naive or a super fan, you probably realize that "Furious 7" was far from a perfect movie. Sure the film made $143.6 million in its opening weekend alone, but it was never exactly in the running for the Best Picture. The film actually featured more mistakes than any other movie in 2015. According to moviemistakes.com there are actually 40 flubs in the film. Now YouTube channel CinemaSins has taken aim at the film. If you're familiar with the channel then this video won't be all that crazy to you.

The CinemaSins channel is known for finding every flaw a movie has. They claim that "no movie is without sin," and "Furious 7" is far from an exception.

The movie is still fun to watch, and features a great tribute to Paul Walker. Although it is kind of fun to take a step back and see just how silly this movie really is. Come on guys, cars can't really jump between buildings!

Source Credits: www.moviemistakes.com

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