4,000 High-End Luxury Cars Sink To The Bottom Of The Ocean

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Matt Farah's Frozen Berry Porsche 718 Spyder is one of them.

Two weeks ago we reported that the Felicity Ace, a cargo ship containing nearly 4,000 Volkswagen Group cars, had caught fire in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Among the cars was a 2022 Porsche 718 Spyder finished in Frozen Berry Metallic, ordered by popular YouTube personality Matt Farah. While the crew was safely rescued from the ship, firefighters could not put out the blaze, which was kept alive by the lithium-ion batteries in the EVs on-board.

A tugboat was attempting to pull Felicity Ace back to shore, but the company that manages the ship has just put out a press release confirming that it sunk approximately 220 nautical miles off the Azores in Portugal. "MOL Shipmanagement Singapore, the managers of the 'Felicity Ace', are continuing to make every effort to contain the damage and resolve the situation as the main priority," the company said in a statement. "Further information will be provided as it becomes available."

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More information about the sinking may emerge, but for now, we can only assume the losses are tremendous. The ship was confirmed to be carrying nearly 4,000 vehicles, including 189 Bentleys, thousands of Porsches, and more than a dozen Lamborghinis. Early estimates could be as high as $335 million.

Farah has already confirmed Porsche will build him another Boxster Spyder, but it will be interesting to see how the other brands respond to this incident. A local Porsche dealership in Orlando confirmed they had six vehicles on the boat, including a Cayenne Hybrid ordered by a salesperson. The Lamborghini Aventador was wrapping up production, but with some of the V12 supercar's final examples being aboard the Felicity Ace, the Italian automaker may have no choice but to restart the assembly line.

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Even as the fire raged on the ship, there was always some hope that a few of the cars could be saved. After this latest update, there is now zero chance that a single vehicle can be saved. The salvage teams reported the ship went down at "9AM local time having suffered a list to starboard. Salvage crafts will remain around the area to monitor the situation."

In addition to the huge financial losses and enormous logistical complications from this event, the ship sinking will undoubtably have a massive ecological impact with so many cars now sitting at the bottom of the ocean.

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