42 Classic Cars Now On Display At The Bentley Heritage Collection

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A collection of the most important Bentleys of all time has a new home.

Part of Bentley's Crewe factory has been repurposed to store members of the brand's Heritage Fleet.

If you're out of the loop, these are the cars Bentley has deemed so unique that they must be kept and preserved as an example. Models like the first Bentley Continental are held in the fleet, which now has a new home.

The 42-car collection is now housed in the Heritage Garage, located within the original 1930s brickwork of the Crewe factory. Initially, this space was used for product planning and development. The 2003 Continental, for example, was born in this room.

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"Having now rebuilt the Collection to fully chart our history, we have an ongoing commitment to add to it with each significant new model we launch. For example, the Collection now includes the 2019 Bentayga Hybrid, which was both the first-ever plug-in hybrid Bentley and an important step in our 'Beyond100' strategy towards electrification," says Head of Bentley's Heritage Collection, Mike Sayer.

Visitors to Crewe, which can include just about anyone, will be able to see the entire collection spread across three locations. As Sayer said above, Bentley recently expanded the collection, and all cars are kept in perfect running order. Hypothetically, you could hop into any vehicle and drive away in it.

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Significant Bentleys made from 1919-1939 will be displayed in the CW-I House, while the Heritage Garage houses cars built at Crewe. Eight motorsports cars from across the ages will form part of another display, though Bentley hasn't said where those cars would be displayed. That includes Bentley's Speed 8 Le Mans car and Pikes Peak cars, among others.

"As we continue to evolve, we want our guests and colleagues from all areas of the company to be able to share the rich history of Bentley Motors. The Heritage Garage brings that history to vivid life, and means we can actively reference our past while setting the course for our future," concluded Sayer.

Other notable cars include the first ever car to emerge from Crewe, the MKVI, a 6.75-liter 1991 Turbo R, and the first new Continental made at Crewe, which left the line in 2003.

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