$43,000 Seems Like A Lot For A Lamborghini Urus Badge

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Then again, it is covered in diamonds.

The words "subtle" and "Lamborghini" are rarely used in the same sentence. Cars built by the Sant'Agata marque are anything but. So, when you finally scratch off that winning lotto ticket, there are really only two ways to go. Either A) you let the car's already outrageous design speak for itself and leave it stock, or B) you decide to be that guy at your local cars and coffee and modify your Lamborghini to make it even more ridiculous.

Option B usually leads to being "LamBROghini" guy for the rest of your mortal life. And hey, if that's what you like, then go for it. Evidently, this video is another example of someone deciding to do just that. Funnily enough, "subtle" is perhaps a word you could use to describe the changes one owner made to his Lamborghini Urus, working with London-based jeweler Bobby White to do so.

Bobby White/YouTube Bobby White/YouTube Bobby White/YouTube Bobby White/YouTube

Let's ignore the $43,403 of diamonds for a moment. In all, Bobby White's finished creation doesn't do much to change the outward appearance of his customer Roberto's Urus. From ten feet away, you probably couldn't even tell the badge was now worth more than a Honda Civic Si. That doesn't change the effort that went into it, however. White took meticulous measurements of the original badge, keeping the proportions so it would fit on the customer's car.

Then, the design was tweaked slightly, with those oh-so-expensive diamonds now forming the Italian flag, and the crest's rim and raging bull now made of solid white gold. The process of laying in the diamonds looked particularly tedious. Each recess for the diamond is dremeled and shaved out by White's hands. We'd estimate there's north of 200 individually fabricated homes for these diamonds.

Bobby White/YouTube Bobby White/YouTube Bobby White/YouTube Bobby White/YouTube

After flying to Italy to personally oversee the installation of the new badge on Roberto's Urus, the two played around on Italy's Varano circuit in the newly-blinged Urus and Roberto's other car, a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. We're not sure if it was a self-aware jab at himself or Roberto, but the whole thing is done over The Offspring's "Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)." So, at the end of the day, it turns out there's actually three directions to go when you buy a Lambo. One of them is certainly more unique than most.

Bobby White/YouTube Bobby White/YouTube Bobby White/YouTube Bobby White/YouTube

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