45 Fisker Karmas Charge Up in Holland


Fisker of the Netherlands sets two world records: one for the most Karmas in one place, and another for the most electric cars charging at once.

The Fisker Karma may not be an exotic supercar as exciting as, say, a Ferrari or a McLaren F1, but its exclusivity means it's still a relatively rare sighting on the road. Seeing more than one in the same place, then, is that much less common. Just a couple of weeks ago we reported on a gathering in California that saw 28 Karmas get together for a drive up the Pacific Coast Highway, but that record has already been obliterated at an event organized by Fisker of the Netherlands, where no fewer than 45 Karmas got together.

What's more is that they all charged their batteries together, breaking the previous record of 43 electric vehicles charging at the same time. Both endeavors surely put a drain on the local power grid, but we're sure the electric company in Venlo, Holland, was up to the task.

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