458 Spider Fails Monaco Tunnel Run, Gets Totaled

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Not the best way to end your Top Marques weekend.

Last week, we showed you some of the stunning participants in the Top Marques Monaco weekend, which gathers the world's finest supercars in this affluent city. One of these wealthy drivers seems to have gotten too caught up in the festivities, and decided to stay in town for a few extra days along with his Ferrari 458 Spider. Taking the Italian beauty into the city's famous tunnel that runs under the landmark Fairmont hotel, he ended up totaling his car and narrowly escaping serious injury.

The driver lost control of the 458 while speeding through the 25mph-limited tunnel. Somehow, the car flew over a concrete barrier and got lodged inside the pedestrian walkway, which was luckily free of pedestrians at the time of the accident. The driver walked away without injury, but the Ferrari looks like it's headed directly to the scrap yard.

Source Credits: www.wreckedexotics.com

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