Lamborghini Aventador Seized For Going Triple The Speed Limit

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The man paid for the whole speedometer, and he tried to use it.

First, we'd like to apologize for not giving you an image off the bat to look (and probably laugh) at. Whoever took this photo of a first-gen Aventador clearly did so with an Etch A Sketch. On to the story at hand. We've seen how this pans out before. Someone buys a fast car, like a Lamborghini Aventador, and says to themselves "I paid for the whole speedometer, so imma use it!"

And, like it did this time, that statement or train of thought is usually followed by the unmistakable sound of the po-po come calling. In Ontario, Canada, that is always followed by three things: a 30-day driver's license suspension, a 14-day vehicle impound, and tears.
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The York Regional Police said they nailed that white Aventador above (or the group of pixels that resembles it) at 105 mph in a 40 mph speed zone. While that's nowhere near the car's 217 mph top speed, it's still fast. Though not as fast as the man who did something similar in a Chiron.

Apparently, per the York Regional Police, the area off Highway7 and Keele Street is an incredibly dangerous intersection. The driver is facing a Stunt Driving charge in addition to the immediate penalties detailed above.

A follow-up Tweet read "We never get tired of tanking stunt drivers off our roads. Speed can kill." Canada has recently cracked down on what its legal system classifies as "stunt driving." Stateside, one might call that "general hooning." Anyone driving more than 25 mph over the limit where the limit is let to less than 50 mph, will catch that Stunt Driving charge.

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To put this in our own legal terms, this is the equivalent of a reckless driving charge, which also bears similar mandatory penalties in the US. Canada has recently made the defined scope of stunt driving broader, brought on by quiet roads encouraging fast driving during the pandemic. Originally, the criteria were set at 30 mph over the limit, and impounds were originally only one week.

Canadian law stipulates that drivers can also face a maximum $10,000 fine. While that may only be a small fraction of the Aventador's alleged $460,000 price tag, that insurance spike will sure make things sting all the more.

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