$49,000 Is All It Takes To Make The Lamborghini Huracan A Twin-Turbo Monster

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Underground Racing's twin-turbo Huracan is back for 2016.

The auto industry never sits still, and as such it's easy to forget things that happened even a few months ago. Remember Underground Racing's twin-turbo Lamborghini Huracan, the one that ran 202 mph in a standing half mile on stock tires? In case you've forgotten about the tuning house's insane customization capabilities it's back with a new video staring the twin-turbo Huracan. This new video is more of a reminder than anything else. It shows the Huracan running on both the street and track.

That's right, this system isn't just designed for weekend track warriors. It's also not cheap, with the base package coming in at $49,000 and returning 800 WHP with 93 octane and tuning of the stock ECUs. Other versions are available for the right price, with $99,000 getting you a highly modified engine and 1,250 WHP using racing gas. Whoa.

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