$4M Veneno Delivery: "Like Owning the Mona Lisa"

Watch as the owner of the most expensive production car in history revs his engine for the first time.

Last week, we showed you pictures from the delivery of the sumptuous $4 million Lamborghini Veneno to exulting Miami resident, Kris Singh. Now, we have an awesome video of the phenomenal hyper car, as it is delicately backed off of the delivery track and handed over to the gloating owner. Watch the 50th anniversary special edition Lambo “in the wild” (of Miami), as Singh revs the engine for the first time and takes it out for a spin.

Singh had ordered the green-trimmed beast - one of just three to be sold - sight unseen, laying out the four million dollars over a year before delivery. He says it’s “like owning the Mona Lisa”, but we think it's way hotter than her.

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