5 Affordable Holiday Gift Ideas For The Car Enthusiast In Your Life


Can't afford to buy them a car? Get one of these instead.

Buying a gift for a car enthusiast isn't always easy. We love cars, not shirts with car brands on them, or keychains with car logos on them, just cars. Since most people aren't willing to shell out the money required to buy someone a new car, we thought we'd come to the rescue with some holiday gift ideas that the car enthusiast in your life is sure to love. The holiday season is right around the corner, which means that many of the items on this list will be on sale for Black Friday. Now is the perfect time to shop for these awesome gifts.

2017 has been a good year for racing videos games. Forza has released the seventh game in its main series franchise, as has Gran Turismo. Both of these games pack huge car rosters, with Forza 7 edging Gran Turismo Sport out with over 700 drivable cars. We've seen Forza 7 marked down to around $40 for Black Friday this year, and the more casual gamer-friendly Forza Horizon 3 is even cheaper. Grand Turismo Sport will come in a few Black Friday PS4 bundles, which should be a good deal. Pay attention to what game console the person you are buying for has. If it's an Xbox, buy Forza. If it is a PlayStation, buy Grand Turismo.

It isn't always easy to buy a gift that you know someone will use. However, when the gift is as useful as a dash camera, you can be sure that the person will get some good use out of it. We have all watched those hilarious YouTube videos of insane dash cam footage. This nifty device could end up saving you a ton of money and will be easy to find on sale during the holidays.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to drive a car with built-in navigation or mirroring software such as Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Many people rely on their smartphones to get around, but not all cars have a great spot to put a phone when you need it for GPS. We recommend using a smartphone mount. However, many of these mounts are cumbersome to use and aren't worth the trouble. We have experimented with a few mounts, and our favorite type is magnetic. These mounts typically require some sort of back plate, which can fit seamlessly behind a phone case or can be stuck to the back of a phone with a light adhesive.

Jump starting a car is a process that hasn't really changed much over the years. It still requires two cars and a pair of cables that go unused in the back of a trunk for 99 percent of their life. Now there is a better option for jump stating a car. There are now portable battery packs that have enough juice to jump start a car. These packs also have the dual function of being able to charge up other devices, like a phone. Some of these devices are even more helpful with built in flashlights that you can use while working on your car.

At the beginning of this list, we warned shoppers that car enthusiasts don't always like items with car logos on them. However, watches are a bit different. There are many car-themed watches out there that cost more than most cars. Not all of these watches are incredibly expensive, so they can be a nice gift idea. Many car people also like collecting watches, because they have a unique blend of engineering and style.

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