5 Amazing Car Rumors You Have To Know About


Speculation + supercars = a recipe for awesome.

The automotive industry is always full of crazy rumors. Some float all around the Internet and others live only on small forums. From new models that are either completely different from an automaker's philosophy to completely unexpected power figures from tiny engines, rumors are what spice up the automotive industry. They also help keep companies competitive and journalists writing. Here are five of the biggest rumors that we've recently come across. All of these are worth taking a second look. Trust us.

The winner for most awesome rumor goes to Lamborghini. A few years ago the Italian automaker released the Egoista, a "selfish" one-seat concept car with a 600-horsepower 5.2-liter V10 engine in the middle. It looked like a super cool jet fighter but was the definition of funky (in a good way). There's nothing of note here other than the trademarking of the name, but when said name is attached to such a crazy car even the slightest of moves will get people talking and speculating.

The third "i" model from BMW is said to be a four-door sedan but apparently could also become an MPV. Really?! BMW is thinking of making its potential game-changing hybrid model be a boring old MPV?! For an automaker that makes the ultimate driving machines, that is a major letdown. An i5 sedan would look much more stylish and would sell more than a clunky, large i5 MPV. In addition, BMW doesn't really look like the automaker that would just put a hybrid MPV in its lineup so we hope that the rumors of the i5's potential look trend more towards sedan.

The Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren is over a decade old now. With more and more supercars and hypercars climbing up towards and beyond its power figures, a successor seems to be the solution. Such rumors have been floating around very recently. As far as powetrains go, the engine placement will determine how much horsepower the possible successor will make, ranging from 650 to 1,000 hp. Engine sizes include a front-mounted supercharged V6 engine or a mid-mounted supercharged V8. We prefer the latter but it's not our decision. We hope this rumor is true as we'd really like to see what this car could look like.


Mercedes-Benz seems to be on a roll with regard the rumor mill. Just a few days ago we learned that an even more powerful version of the AMG GT S could be on the way. That sounds great and all but the only thing that might ruffle some feathers is the fact that it could steal the name of Nissan's supercar-killer, the GT-R. The AMG GT R could cause chaos but who knows if it will keep the name, or if it will even come to life.

Bugatti's Veyron successor, the Chiron, will reportedly be sold as a coupe and also as a convertible with a targa top. At least that's what rumor has it to be. Apparently the targa top will feature a removable carbon fiber roof with a "T-bar" connecting the windshield to the rear end for high-speed rigidity. That sounds super cool but this is just a rumor and we won't believe it until we see it in the flesh. Rumor or not, the Chiron will be nothing short of epic.

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