5 Amazing Sightless Driving Stunts

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Driving blind is as fun and dangerous as it sounds.

The biggest prerequisite when it comes to driving a car is having the ability to see. If you can't see, then you can't operate a motor vehicle. Or can you? These clips prove that just because a person is sightless, doesn't mean that they can't drift, drive really fast or rally. That's not to say that the blind/blinded folks in these videos do all of those things well, but they succeed in not crashing; for the most part. Continue below to see blinded drivers drift and a blind man do over 160 mph in a BMW.

Mike Newman attempts to break the blind land speed record that he set in this clip from "Fifth Gear." Saying whether Newman succeeded or not would be a spoiler, but it's not a spoiler to say that presenter Vicki Butler-Henderson gets freaked out when it's her turn to drive blind.

Yes, this is a clip from "Top Gear USA." And yes, it surprisingly doesn't suck. There's not many ways you can screw up a drifting competition featuring a blind guy it seems.

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"Top Gear Australia" took the concept of blind driving one step further than its U.S. counterpart, holding a rally competition featuring blind drivers. The show's presenters acted as guides for the blinded professional rally drivers at the wheel.

The driver in this video is technically not blind or blindfolded, but his sight is obscured with the whole hood-on-windshield thing. Like any true drifter, this guy doesn't let not being able to see in front of him stop him from sitting sideways.

Once again, a drifter's hood pops up and blocks his view in this clip. And once again, this guy continues to drift like a champ. You heard it here first: Obscured windshield driving will be introduced to Formula D in the next five years.

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