5 Car Thieves That Went The Extra Mile To Screw Over Their Victims

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Because stealing their ride just wasn't good enough.

There is no "good" way to get your car stolen. Of course every situation could always be worse, though. It is arguably better to have a thief steal your car while you sleep than to pretend to buy it off you with a fake check. It's better to never see your car again than to get it back after it was impaled on a fire hydrant. These stories and more make up this list of asshole car thieves who, whether on purpose or not, went the extra mile to screw over the people they stole from.

The death of Paul Walker was mourned by many around the world. By all accounts he was a great guy and a very charitable person. However, a mere 24 hours after Walker's death attorneys representing the actor's estate allege that a man named Richard Taylor made off with over 30 of his cars. Taylor apparently stole the cars from a warehouse and may have sold a few off for personal profit. Stealing cars from a dead man is basically the ultimate dick move.

Part of being a car thief is concealing your identity. You don't want your victims to know who you are, right? This Middle Eastern thief bucked that trend, instead meeting with his victims and "buying" their car using fake checks. Once the checks were discovered to be crap the thief was already long gone, and in some of the cases the stolen car in question was already back up online for sale. Brave? Yes? Assholeish? Also yes.

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A Toyota Corolla is "just a Corolla" until it's yours. Then it becomes something so much more. As such it hurts when it gets stolen. Of course that pain is intensified when a gang of thieves impale it on a fire hydrant, smashing it up and drowning it to death. Doing one would have been a dick move, but wrecking it and causing irreparable water damage is what earned these guys a spot on our list.


Whoever stole the Ford Mustang Kristen Cockerill rented from an Enterprise in Nova Scotia, Canada, unwittingly made this list. Cockerill dropped off the rented muscle car on a day Enterprise wasn't open, a Sunday, leaving the keys in the safe deposit box. Unfortunately the thief struck that night and stole the Mustang, which was still technically the responsibility of the renter. As such Cockerill was stuck with a massive bill for the stolen 'Stang. An accidental ass is still an ass.

We aren't car thieves, but we have to think that the motivation behind stealing any ride is usually financial. Why, then, did this band of thieves choose to steal and then burn a Ferrari Daytona worth $2.5 million to the ground? Maybe they hated the owner or Ferrari. Maybe they got spooked by the police attention. Maybe they're just dicks. We'll only know when they're caught, which hasn't happened yet.

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