5 Atypical Monster Cars, Trucks and Bikes

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A monster DeLorean and ForTwo are just two of the oddities that can be found here.

Even if you drive by jacked-up Fords and Chevys on a daily basis, nothing will prepare you for the atypical monster cars, trucks and bikes you'll see here. These vehicles all sit on massive tires, have crazy suspension systems and look about as ridiculous as you'd imagine. If the idea of a monster truck limo sounds appealing-and you know it does-then scroll on down to see some of the world's most ridiculous monster vehicles in action.

What would happen if you added a monster truck's tire to a Penny-farthing bicycle? The answer is the Monster Bike. This ridiculous trike looks like a sight to see and a pain to pedal.

Driving a VW Beetle into a pond usually spells doom, unless said VW Beetle is all jacked up. This mammoth Bug fearlessly plows through a small pond emerging no worse for wear.

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There are a lot of ways to make a Smart Car more fun, such as jacking it up a few feet and taking it off-roading. Ironically, the only vehicles the ForFun2 may be able to crush are normal ForTwos.

If Marty McFly had lived in the South, or in East San Diego County, then he would have driven this DeLorean monster truck. This beast sits on a set of 44-inch Super Swampers and sounds nothing like the car that Michael J. Fox drove back to the future.

Unless you're a System of a Down fan, you might want to consider muting your speakers before starting this video. "Chaos" is said to be the world's only monster truck limo. Imagine showing up to a prom or wedding in this beast.

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